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"Singing for Fun & Healing" -
"Holistic Singing & Toning"
by Dick Rigby

ISBN 0-646-33473-5
Developing voice power for healing and enjoyment."
Reduced RRP:- A5 - Paperback. 35 cartoons & illustrations. 216 page

This book that tells you how to get the best out of your singing voice and overcome performance anxiety!

glowing endorsement

. Don Campbell, (Author of "The Roar of Silence" and "The Mozart Effect"): " A standing ovation. The world of toning has long needed a practical, innovative and heartwarming book. 'Holistic Singing and Toning' shows the power of vibrating the voice on the body, mind and spirit. For anyone interested in self healing with sound, this is must-read, must-try and must-do book."

. Jonathan Goldman, (Author of "Healing Sounds"): "A practical guide to using the voice as a therapeutic and transformational tool. Fun and easy to read".

. Chris and Jenny James, (Australia's foremost toning teachers); "Well done with the book Dick, it's great". "We would be happy to recommend Dick as a teacher".

. Prof. David Aldridge (Author of "Music Therapy Research and Practice in Medicine"): "I have only glanced through it so far and ..... I liked what I read."

. Psychotherapy in Australia. Review May 1999. "This appealing, accessible book looks squarely at the factors which inhibit vocal ease... thorough and comprehensive approach.... A straightforward, sensible and energising summary of the subject".

. The Mary Ryan Good Book Guide. 26 February 1999. South East Queensland. "An excellent guide to developing voice power for healing and enjoyment".


More about the book

Have you always wanted to sing, but have been too worried about how your voice will sound?
Are you too scared by what people would think or say?

Overcome your fears
This book will show you how to:
* overcome your fear of singing in front of people
* sing and speak with confidence & reduce performance anxiety
* significantly reduce the negative impact of your "Inner Critic"

Improve your singing voice & enjoy singing:
The book is easy to read and humorous. It also contains technical information about how to improve your voice.

Learn about toning:
Toning is the making of sustained melodic notes with your voice. It's easy to learn.

Toning has proven to be effective with:
* working through psychological blocks
* healing certain physical conditions
* making emotional and energy connections that we don't normally make
* gaining better control over your voice and breathing
* raising self awareness
* enriching spiritual connections

Rediscover your natural voice:
Develop the power and quality of your voice. Toning is a wonderful way to develop and nurture the pure sound in your voice.
Your voice can become a central part of your personal empowerment .
Your voice can be the vehicle for your self expression and for healing.
Toning can give you energy and guide you to integration and healing.

Table of Contents
1. I really want to sing
2. Physical & psychological influences
3. The Inner Critic and Performance
4. Healing the voice
5. Where to get help with your voice
6. Getting my singing body in shape
7. Tuning & playing the voice
8. The performance

9. Using the voice to heal
10. How Toning Works
11. Learning how to tone

12. Sex
13. Meditation & lifestyle
14. Singing and toning for children
15. Celebration, communication and spirituality
16. The future